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Strangers123 Application

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Strangers123 Application

Post  Strangers123 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:53 am

I am Strangers123, also known as Tube2Victory and TubeToVictory (both engineers) StrangersAssault and Strangers123Rcon (recon)
I am a highly skilled player with some competitive gaming experiance (faught in the CB vs OB war) and has TeamSpeak
My records on the maps are: karkand 74/14, 14000 points, Oman 45/0 and 17000 points (attack helicopter), Dragon Valley 50/1 (littlebird. Dont play that map alot) 16000 points and Sharqi 53/something and 9000 points. Basra, my least favorite and least played map has a record of 30/something and 4000 points.
I am primarily a vehicle wh*re, but can fight effectively on foot as well. I am a balanced teamplay player and will gladly give you repairs/ammo/med kit/transport if you request or require it.
I have Battlefunds Smile

Thank you for your time


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Re: Strangers123 Application

Post  flashteckboomzy on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:55 am

hey strangers!
i'm pleased to see you.
accepted in the clan tho.


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